Amref Health Africa's Strategic Priorities

The Business Plan is structured around seven proirity areas based on Amref Health Africa's 2007 - 2017 Strategy, agreed upon health priorities and anticipated needs over the next three years. Five strategic directions are related to delivering health outcomes, the sixth addresses reach and innovation and the seventh outlines organisational restructuring required to enable Amref Health Africa to implement its health priorities.

Many of the health activities flowing from these strategic directions already exist within Amref Health Africa's current programmes. However, to ensure consistent, focused, high quality service delivery including the potential for scaling up, priority is being given to activities that positively impact the health of women and children and fall within Amref Health Africa's expertise and resources.

The Seven Strategic Priorities

  1. Maternal Health
  2. Child Health
  3. Fighting Diseases
  4. Water and Sanitation
  5. Clinical and Diagnostic Services
  6. Research and Advocacy
  7. One Amref Health Africa

Note: Capacity Building is overeaching and crosscutting in the 7 Strategic Priorities

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