eLearning for midwives in Senegal

“Midwives have an important role to play in helping our country solve its health problems,” says midwife Ngoma Top.  “And the e-learning programme comes just at the right time for midwives in Senegal.’’

Ngoma, 50, had never touched a computer in her life before signing up for the very first eLearning programme in Dakar, Senegal at The National School of Health and Social Development (ENDSS).  Working in a maternity ward in the far suburbs of Dakar, Ngoma is delighted to be able to upgrade her skills and still stay on the job. The eLearning programme will enable many more midwives to upgrade their skills, creating a much larger number of graduates than the traditional classroom-based programmes.

"This programme will allow midwives to continue working as they learn,” she said.  “I plan to buy a computer for my home so I can keep on learning.


Amref Health Africa created the eLearning capacity building programme for nurses and midwives to increase the numbers of health professionals in the country, which will go a long way towards reducing the high rates of maternal mortality in the country. “It will still be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, because we really lack the basics in our health systems. For instance, we have only one ambulance to service three very distant health facilities. That causes a lot of problems, especially getting pregnant mothers to the delivery rooms on time.”

Ngoma is hopeful, though. '’Nowadays, computers and information technology rule the world! This programme is really important for our career plans,” she concludes cheerfully.

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